Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting

Hedge Trimming for Sussex and Surrey

G4 Gardens has been cutting hedges for its customers for many years, much of our work being repeat business. Cutting is carried out at various times of the year according to the type of hedge and the amount of cutting back or trimming to be done. Each variety of hedge must be treated differently to ensure it is not damaged and that new growth is supported. One cut a year is normally sufficient to maintain an informal hedge; formal hedges may need 2 or 3 cuts per year.

It is an offence to destroy a bird’s nest that is in use or being built. If you plan to cut a hedge between March and August you must survey the whole hedge to make sure there are no such nests. We can advise you on this and all matters relating to the appearance and well being of your hedge during our quotation visit.

We send all our hedge cuttings for composting to support a healthy environment.

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