Buy Seasoned Logs

Buy Seasoned Logs

Seasoned Logs for Sale

We sell hardwood logs throughout the year and offer a unique, and free, stacking service.

Our logs are seasoned, which means they are allowed to dry naturally, for at least 12 months. The average moisture content of our logs is 15% with a range of 10-20% which is the ideal range as it gives a good steady burning log. Should logs be too dry they burn very fast, sometimes ferociously.


Our logs are suitable for both open fires and wood burners. If you have a burner tell us the door opening size and we will ensure the logs we deliver are correct size.

We consider our logs more environmentally friendly than high energy using kiln drying as only natural airflow is used.

We can supply either a half load which is approximately 300 logs for £60 or a full load of approximately 600 logs for £100. Prices are currently subject to 5% VAT.

We stack all logs on delivery to your premises, unless you ask for them to be simply dropped.

Call 01737 211 345 to order your logs.